Sponsors of Beadle

Beadle has been so fortunate in that there have been a number of people who have helped make this business possible, in different ways, through their probono support. Tanya and the Beadle team are extremely grateful to everyone who believe in what we are trying to do to help alleviate some rural poverty by creating sustainable livelihoods for our people.


Horizon Horseback www.ridinginafrica.com

Situated on the farm opposite the Beadle workshop and shop. Horizon has supported Beadle from its conception in 1998, not only through their encouragement and belief in what we do, but also practically in allowing us to showcase goods at the lodge, providing accommodation, settings and horses for photo shoots!

The Ranch Resort  www.theranch.co.za
Thanks to Tom, Vicky and Kate at The Ranch Resort at Polokwane, for their hospitality, accommodation for all the team, and for the amazing photoshoot with the lions.

Naomi and Dave Estment - OVP Imaging www.ovpimaging.com  Two fantastic people and excellent photographers and videographers! So generous with their time and expertise on the photoshoot for Beadle in conjunction with the charity Faces of Hope in January 2013.


Denzil Jacobs www.denziljacobs.com  Cape Town based celebrity photographer, who also generously donated his time and expertise for a charity photo shoot with Beadle and the charity Faces of Hope in Oct 2012.


Boss Models www.bossmodel.co.za  Top modeling agency based in Cape Town, generously donated the time of the two beautiful models Tamsin Lester and Leatitia Roussoux, for a full day for the charity photo shoot for Beadle and Faces of Hope.

Conor Mccreddy www.conormccreedy.com  Thanks to Conor for supporting Beadle and donating his time for the photo shoot in collaboration with faces of Hope in Limpopo. Conor Mccreedy is an internationally known artist, entrepreneur and art collector.

Lee-Ann Roberts - On Facebook   One of South Africa's top models has generously given her time for two separate photo shoots for Beadle and the charity Faces of Hope, one in Cape Town and the other at Horizon Horseback and the Ranch in Limpopo.


Kinglsey Heath Clothing www.kingsleyheath.com

Thank you so much to these fantastic guys that helped with putting these clothes together for both the Cape Town and Limpopo photo shoots. Great trendy clothes that even smell good!

The House of Marley 
Thanks to The House of Marley for the sponsorship of headphones accessories for the photoshoot.


Sewelle Ngumbi works for the Richard Branson Entrepreneur School in Johannesburg gave up her time to model for Beadle and Faces of Hope in Limpopo.


TWO www.twotwo.co.za  Thanks to TWO for their different range of ladies clothing. Sponsors for the Limpopo photo shoot.

G-Star Clothing  Thanks to G-Star clothing for their range of ladies and men's clothes for the 'walking with lion' photo shoot in Limpopo.

LoveWaterLove www.lovewaterlove.com  Thanks to LoveWaterLove for the sponsorship of their gorgeous swimwear. 'LoveWaterLove believes there‚Äôs a Bond bikini girl in every woman and our range of gorgeous swimwear aims to unleash some of that fabulousness.'...should be worn with every pair of your Beadle sandals!!

Nuveaux Aesthetics, Maxine Holmes www.nuveauxaethetics.com
Maxine generously gave up her time to come and make our models look beautiful on the Limpopo photo shoot and at the 'walk with lions'.
Amazing hair!

The Make Up Issue www.themakeupissue.com   Kindly made one of their students, Anne, available for a full afternoon to do all the makeup for the models in Cape Town.