Beadle and Faces of Hope

BEADLE is working in collaboration with a South African based charity, FACES OF HOPE (, to raise funds for their cause. Ten percent of sales generated through Faces of Hope is donated to the charity directly. Watch the Beadle & Faces of Hope video.

Faces of Hope

In the absence of adequate health insurance to defray oncology costs, Faces of Hope hopes to make an impactful contribution to select child and adult sufferers of Lymphoma and Leukaemia.

The purpose for setting up the Faces of Hope Foundation is for financial assistance and support for individuals suffering with life threatening illness. Specifically cancer. As individuals we are aware of the costly exercise and strain that is put on the patient and family as a result of treatment and medication required to alleviate symptoms of the illness. It is most disturbing the amount of money it takes to keep a suffering individual alive. We, as a foundation, would like to relieve some of the financial burden required to keep patients alive.

Executive Summary

The Faces of Hope Foundation is a Section 21, non-profit organisation, which spent over two years in conceptualisation, before being officially registered, in January 2008 Purely voluntary based, the foundation has two overriding objectives. Firstly, Faces of Hope seeks to assist select cancer sufferers in meeting basic financial costs to cover debilitating (not only on the body, but also on the pocket) oncology treatment. Secondly, the foundation is committed to raising awareness levels of- and educating the general public, on blood cancers. To achieve this, the foundation is looking into the establishment of a South African Lymphoma Committee or Council. As yet, there is no such body representing this particular strain of cancer. It is envisioned that the committee will consist of all relevant stakeholders in the management of the disease: Pharma, Oncology Health Professionals, Health Insurance and select patients who have expressed a willingness to become involved.

'Founder Kerrin Black on recent Photoshoot for Beadle and Faces of Hope at The Ranch Resort in Polokwane'